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TeleHealth Services

HIPAA-compliant TeleHealth access to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) by a Board Certified Addiction Specialist and Psychiatrist, other qualified healthcare providers, and recovery support services.

The TeleHealth direct care component was developed to provide an additional MAT service delivery option for those programs who want to be able offer this service to their patients, but do not currently have their own MAT program.   Additionally, it can be an option for programs which have their own MAT program, but do not have the capacity to treat the complicated co-occurring conditions that frequently accompany opioid use disorder. These services will be offered beginning Fall 2018.


The following are some specific situations for which TeleWell TeleHealth-based direct care may be appropriate:


  1. Health program not currently planning to develop their own MAT program due to staffing shortages, provider preference, etc

  2. Health program planning to develop their own MAT program in the future, but would like to begin offering these services to their patients now

  3. Health program planning to develop their own MAT program in the future, but would like to observe the treatment process offered by TeleWell first

  4. Health program willing to provide MAT maintenance treatment, but do not feel comfortable with inductions

  5. Health program already offering MAT services, but already at capacity and in need of additional treatment assistance

  6. Health programs already offering MAT services, but have patients with complicated co-occurring conditions which are, or potential can, interfere with successful MAT


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